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Glossip Girls Cosmetics

Lip Scrubs

Lip Scrubs

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The Glossip Girls lip and hand scrubs, are designed to leave your lips and hands feeling soft and silky.  Use these scrubs to remove dead skins and to moisturize dry lips and hands.  These scrubs comes in a Vanilla Honeycomb and a Citrus scent.  This Conditioning Lip Scrub provides the perfect exfoliating scrub for your everyday beauty routine. Ingredients are all natural and vegan!

These scrubs come in 2 flavors: Citrus and Honey or Vanilla Honeycomb. 6oz containers. 

Directions to Use:  Use No more than 1-2 times per week. Lightly stir scrub for 1-2 seconds with a clean and sterilized spoon.

Wash hands with soap, and then rinse hands and lips thoroughly for 20 seconds with warm water. For the average hand size, add an M&M sized amount of scrub to your hands, gently scrub your hands for 10 seconds.  In a circular motion, rub the scrub on your lips for 10 seconds.  If your hands and lips are not covered with scrub, add a larger amount.  Let the scrub sit on your hands and lips 1 minute. TRY YOUR BEST NOT TO EAT THE SCRUB OFF OF YOUR LIPS.. but it’s ALL NATURAL if you accidentally do! After 1 minute wash scrub off of the applied areas, and glosses up your lips with your favorite Glossip Hue! 

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